Notes From Nicole, The Beginning

BORN TIRED (living the dream)

GUYS. Lately I’ve been been living the life of this panda:


Baby I was born this way. You see. I’m currently still working full time at my “corporate” job, which is kinda life draining in and of itself. And I am also doing part time graphic design work for my blogger goddesses Diane of Balanced Bites and Simone of the AMAZING blog/restaurant Zen Belly. Mix that with 2 hours of commuting a day, a few residual health challenges (hormones, digestions, you know the drill) some minor sleeping issues, (made an emergency Target trip for blackout curtains this weekend, I had to hang said curtains above my window with thumb tacks. #ghetto. #desperate). Anyways, NOT TO COMPLAIN, the universe has catapulted me into my purpose, and I am happier than ever. but also tired(er) than ever. I’m a bit of a hot mess. So I’ve prioritized a few things, cut myself a bit of slack on this little blogging venture I’ve created, until I get into my new groove.

Because my new grove is coming ladies and gentlemen. I’m giving my 2 weeks notice tomorrow and I’m going to start working at a health and weight loss clinic in mountain view, doing part time marketing, and part time training as a nutritional educator. I plan on saving up to get my nutritional certification (most likely from the CHEK Institute) and mostly learning how to teach, communicate, learn science and sometimes stick someone with a needle (I’M SCARED)

Anyways, these last few days here at my corporate job are pretty rough, but I know I’ll survive. Things sometimes feel like life and death at this place and that’s part of the reason why I think it’s a good decision for me to move on. I’m just a sensitive pony, and while I’m working on hardening my exterior for the best, Rome was not built in a day. and stuff.

Here’s my little piece wisdom I’ll leave you with for today:

Fear and negativity exist for a reason; we must honor them and recognize them, but not dwell on them -The Daily Love

This has certainly been a struggle for me, it is always our task to learn from the obstacles in our way, especially when they are our own thoughts or beliefs. I think we can often feel a ton of guilt for the fear and negativity we have, which can snowball into dark territory. But if we try to look at the situation objectively, see what we can learn, feel these feelings and let them pass through us, we can always move forward, reaching towards our goals and higher self. To be happy, productive, successful, beaming rays of goodness.

Until next time,