This is real life.


How you doin? I’m hanging in there. I have 4 more days left at my current job (with a weekend sandwiched in between) and shit feels WEIRD. It’s a bit of struggle, especially since I’m trying to finish up a project that seems damn near excruciating (tedious, complex, complicated  blech). BUT I am trying to push through, follow through and follow up, but let me tell you, it’s certainly a struggle. My heart is most definitely in other places.

On a lighter not, check out these gorgeous little babies I created for myself and my new career/life:

My new business cards for holistic health coaching and graphic design

Thoughts? Feelings? I LOVE THEM. Of course there are a few things I wish I could have tweaked, but I was rushing to finish these puppies to get them at a MEGA discount employee sale of 75% off at my current job. A twist of fate made it so we had our summer employee sale just before my departure and I was sure to stock up on some final custom goods.

This final week feels strange. That space right before or in between transitions is always the easiest. You don’t have to experience the fear or uncomfortable parts of the transition, but your eye and head are still focused on that goal, dreaming hard.

Tomorrow I’m going to be helping with the Against All Grain Book Party and the Zen Belly Paleo Pop Up and I am SO SO EXCITED. I will be working in the kitchen with Simone during the dinner! I’ve most definitely never worked in a real kitchen before, so that will be fun, I can get down in the kitchen for sure, but I’m not exactly sure what the playing field here is.

zenbelly paleo pop upZen belly paleo pop up promo

Check out the postcard I designed for Simone of Zen Belly! Isn’t her food gorgeous?! I can’t wait to meet her. I’m hoping to meet lots of new friends, help out make this event awesome and maybe even network! I think some serious Paleo blogger-stars may be there and I am majorly excited but mostly nervous!

On that note, my wisdom for today goes a little something like this:

“Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is.”

Take that one, and let it sit with you, because it IS glorious.

Talk to you soon my loves.

Nicole the Paleo Pony.

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Hey Kids,

Happy hump day! It’s almost Friday, kinda. Things are well here at Pony Place. My gorgeous cousin Sheridan spontaneously moved in to my little apartment and it has been a ball of fun ever since (just in time for our 21 day sugar detox too…the stars aligned). Today I wanted to share some of my eats, discoveries and an anticipated delivery!

Our 21 day sugar detox is going strong, and hasn’t been totally horrible. I mostly just miss my morning cup of sweet Earl Grey tea and almond milk. While almond milk doesn’t inherently have sugar, the boxed variety is more junk & chemicals than it is milk. And while I don’t normally have a problem with it, for our detox we’re getting back to basics. Black unsweetened Earl Grey is just not the same.

Anywho, here’s what my meals looked like today. (side note, please excuse my JANKY iphone photos for the time being, the pony gods are working on procuring me a REAL camera)

photo (3)

You’re up close and personal with my breakfast right here. I had some left over dinner of my pet food 🙂 with steamed kale and green beans (I topped off the veggies with some coconut butter…MMMMmm..don’t knock it tilyou’ve tried it ). My petfood (grass fed beef + organ meats) was sauteed with onions and coconut aminos. This meat is SOOOO delicious, organ meats add a a really rich umami flavor to the food, similar to  arich mushroom flavor. It’s perhaps an acquired taste, but i’ll tell you, this shit is magical.

photo 4 (1)

My everyday is typically from the cafeteria at my work. Look at that rainbow! I usually get a grassfed beef burger from the grill (with no bun) topped with guacamole (I’ve made BFFs with the grill man, he HOOKS it UP with the guac). Then supplemented with some romaine lettuce, bell peppers, zucchini and onions from the salad bar. I topped this puppy with Cholula hot sauce as my salad dressing, I find that eating spicy things helps keep the sugar monster at pay (although this technique is not for the faint of heart). This was filling, easy and DELISH. I feel pretty thankful for my work cafeteria because they are rather conscious of food quality and ingredients, however there are still some food bombs to navigate there (oh taco day…..).

photo 2 (2)

I stopped by Whole Foods (whole foods is my boyfriend) on my way home to pick up some hair conditioner  (they were out of my brand dab nabbit!) and picked up a snack for the road. I just LOVE sea snacks, they are so nourishing and delicious, plus I got a tasty green drink as I wanted a little treat (treat yo’ self). Greens are so important for healthy cells and digestion, and sea veggies are SUPA health promoting because they contain lots of Iodine, which is really hard to get in in our typical diet.

photo 3 (2)

For dinner I sauteed some zucchini, onions, garlic and salt, and cracked two eggs on top (I found some soy free eggs at whole foods!). I put this little egg nest on top of kale and coconut butter. DELISH.

I also got a special delivery today:

photo 1 (2)

TAMANU OIL! I read about the benefits of tamanu oil from my SISTAHS Liz Wolfe and Stacy from the Love Vitamin . It should help reduce some of my acne scars, do a little bit of resurfacing  and help heal any other acne that’s still lingering around. I’m excited to share my results with you folks in the future, I haven’t found my perfect “clean” skin care routine yet, but I love playing around and have found some amazing, natural products that have really changed the game in terms of my beauty routine. Paleo Pony skin care tip 1: OIL IS YOUR FRIEND. Good healthy, appropriate oils for your skin type help nourish and balance you skin and oil production. BOOM Did i just blow you away?

Anyways friends. I must prance off to sleep in pony land. But I’ll leave you with some words of love first:

People can only respond TO and love you THROUGH what you show them

Think about it. I like to say that communication is the secret to life, so first, make sure you’re communicating with your own head/emotions (which is hard in and of itself), and second, make sure you’re communicating with all you loved ones too, so they’re able to love you right back in the best way possible. This quote is from The Daily Love, another FANTASTIC daily email series, delivering love and wisdom to your inbox each morning. Highly recommended.