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I’m so excited to be here. Things are happening, life is moving and there are always about 3 more things to get done in a day than I actually have time for (oh shit, it’s 11pm). BUT, it’s certainly not the end of the world when my laundry sits in that giant blue IKEA bag on the floor of my room for another week.

So I have been working at my new (/old) place of employment for almost a month now and things are pretty swell. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ve made the best decision for myself, my future and my adrenal glands. I truly love, respect, and enjoy everyone I work with, and working for a cause I truly support down to my soul makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I actually look forward to going to work in the morning (well, in the most reasonable way possible).

So this place of employment I speak of, is GreenLite Medicine in Mountain View, CA. I actually began working there a few years ago, it was my first REAL job out of college. I was hired as an admin, with prospect of some marketing and design tasks as they came up, and it turned out they needed me a lot more than they even knew!

So started a pretty wonderful working relationship, and the most nurturing workplace any pony could ask for. I eventually spread my wings, moved to Santa Cruz. moved back. then started working at Zazzle. But when my life’s passion hit me on the head like a ton of bricks, I called up my old friends at GreenLite and asked if they needed any help, and serendipity would have it they did. My current life plan is to work part-time marketing, part time health coaching, learning the in’s and outs of small business marketing and gaining some basic coaching and communication skills, which will come in handy for my future nutritional practice. All the while saving up for nutrition school, so I can really get down to business in a year or so.

ANYWHO. As I will eventually begin training as a nutritional educator, I’m taking a stab at eating the “greenlite” way (so that I can teach it to people) this means lean meats, low fat, non-starchy veg. Now, it’s not TOTALLY that different from how I was eating before. BUT. I kind of fucking hate it. I mean, I being a total brat, dragging my feet the whole way, because the truth is I have a problem with tracking my food intake, and restricting it. As I’m writing this, I’m feeling like even more of a brat.

I think the problem is that It’s all just a change, it’s just DIFFERENT, and it just those lingering remnants of teenage rebellion hanging out inside my subconscious. But, a wise man once said (a.k.a I heard this on the bulletproof executive podcast) that you can’t change what you don’t track, and while eating coconut butter out of the jar with a spoon DOES give me my daily dose of Medium Chain Triglycerides, it’s not necessarily a habit that’s the best for a bangin bod (mypantsaresotight).

I think my subconscious wants this little experiment to fail, so I can be proud, and I can be right. Giving someone else, or a different program or ideology “Control” over my food, makes me feel uncomfortable. But at the same time, I kind of feel like a lameo failure, and if can’t follow the rules of this simple program, how can I ever expect to be a nutritional coaching BOSS. Le sigh. Eating is weird.

I believe that body composition is a result of hormonal regulation ( thanks to my friends Dr. Sara Gotfried and the amazingly adorable Johnathan Bailor) and while cleaning up your diet can typically elicit and regulate that hormonal response, a lot of us need more than just that. We’ll talk about this subject in future posts, including my own struggles with those big bad hormones (I’m not sure I even have those answers right now, but I’ve certainly had some major revelations) Watch this aweeeesome video for a primer.

So. Today, to maintain some of my own sanity, I’m writing my own rules. This is the Paleo Pony bible of food philosophy, of what I believe to be pure, true, yummy, and nourishing. Here goes.

I believe in whole foods (well, yes the store, but I’m referring to the original gangsta) and that boxes, cans and plastic bags should be avoided when possible.

I believe in food grown in the most natural way possible (and not specifically USDA ORGANIC CERTIFIED YADA YADA, because sometimes those things are bureaucratic bullshit)

I believe in eating healthy animals, that lead happy lives, that lived in outside nature and frolocked in the sunshine. Oh, and healthy wild sea creatures too.

I believe in eating as many vegetables that can fit in your belly (especially the green ones)

I believe that fruit is yummy, but it’s a sometimes food, the same way cookie monster feels about cookies these days (one day you’ll be on my level cookie monster…one day)

I believe in starchy tubers and squash when you’re an athlete warrior and when the weather starts to change and that you sometimes needs pumpkin pancakes for dinner.

I believe juicy tomatoes taste best when they’re lumpy and weird looking and picked right from the vine, especially when daddy grew them in the backyard with his homemade organic compost tea.

I don’t believe that grains are meant for human consumption (and yes, that includes quinoa)

I believe that sundays are perfect for pancakes (but only of the paleo variety)

I believe in organic dark chocolate (especially this one) and I believe in eating the whole bar.

I believe in bacon, and butter and avocados. Maybe within reason. or maybe as much as you like.

I believe in bone broth, and eating organ meats, and sardines and seaweed, and I know that eating those things make me feel like superwoman.

I believe in eating food that was grow as close as possible to where your home is, picking it with with your own hands when you can (dream life) and I believe that dirt is superfood.

I believe in variety, in eating colors, and making food FUN and pretty (and then instagramming it).

I believe in making the best nutritional decision, in any given situation, even if it sometimes breaks your own rules, because all you can ever do it your best, and then I believe in then moving on with your life.

I believe cooking is an art, and that it’s part of the digestion process, and that everyone on this planet needs those basic skills to nourish themselves properly and heal their relationship with food.

I believe that most of America has an eating disorder (myself included) which is partly the fault of our biology , partly the fault of modern agriculture, big food marketing and food engineering.

I believe that food can heal and food can kill. So pick your poison.

I believe that food can be nourishment, for the body, for the soul, for the emotions and for the pleasure receptors.

I believe that a good meal, in an amazing location, while the sun is setting and the weather is warm can be life changing.  But not solely because of the quality or quantity of the food consumed, but because of all the those contributing factors, and because of good company.

I believe that there’s something amazing wonderful and fun about road snacks (#obsessed..but why?!)

I don’t believe in counting calories, but I believe in eating within reason, and I believe in being honest with yourself and honest about your relationship with food. And that when it becomes a coping mechanism (which it so easily can and is practically ENCOURAGED in our culture) then it’s time to reassess, create some structure and break some habits.

I believe that fast food is a microwaved sweet potato, a can of sardines and some hot-sauce. (don’t knock till you’ve tried it folks)

I believe that eating WHOLE foods raises your vibrational frequency, which connects you with the earth, with the pulse of life and the universe and helps provides the compass for your day and your experiences (we are animals after all, and everyone seems to forget that)

I believe that learning how to optimally feed yourself, listen to your body and adjust according is the most fundamental part of being human. And I believe that probably about 80% of American’s don’t know how to do this (don’t hold me to this number, I can’t do math).

I believe that sometimes, this is fucking hard, and while it’s ACTUALLY, quite possibly, the most SIMPLE thing for us to do as human animals, in can very well, at times, seem impossibles, because our culture and society is ass backwards. #duh.

So. That’s what I think. I can’t say I’d take this to the grave, but I think it’s pretty reasonable and all in good fun.

I’m sure I’ll do part DEUX sometime as I can’t possible sum up my thoughts and philosophy on food in one place, but these ideas have been fluttering around in my mind and I feel so glad to share them with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts too in the comments below, because I believe in sharing and listening.

Here’s my Pony wisdom for this day, September 10th:

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.” – M. Scott Peck

If you say so.

LOVE ya much.

Your Paleo Pony.



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