Notes From Nicole, The Beginning

Why hello beautiful being.

Welcome to the inside of  The Paleo Pony world.

I’m about to have a party with my fear and unleash my awesome all up in this place, to share some of the most important little life lessons i’ve come to adore in my humble 25 years on this weird place we call earth. I’m here to connect you with mind blowing knowledge, awesome philosophies and ideas, tips, TRICKS and some insight on the little life I’ve created for myself. This blog space is all about living an authentically healthy and balanced life. From the things we put IN our bodies, the stuff we put ON it, what we THINK inside our brains and how we ACT to the outside world.

Here is some insight on a few of the things you can come to expect from this fun and fantastic Paleo Pony love space:

  • Serious knowledge bombs from the PALEO, ANCESTRAL and HOLISTIC Health community that will help your body function and thrive the way it was created for
  • Crazy easy and fast RECIPES that will nourish your BODY & feed your SOUL
  • Wonderfully natural BEAUTY tips and tricks to nourish your SKIN,TEETH, HAIR & NAILS to unleash the natural GORGEOUSNESS within you
  • Major WISDOM I’ve discovered from a few amazing rockstar teachers on LIFE, the UNIVERSE, LOVE, BALANCE  and INNER PEACE.
  • How to vibrate with the cosmos and simply BE all the amazingness that you are

NOW, check out this amazing and fantastic video from Marie Forleo on how to FEEL fear and let it fuel your fire in order overcome all that stands in your way. Which is exactly what’s happening right this very second as I type these words you are reading.

Peace out my beautiful baby ponies, I’m off to prance with my doubts and fears.




6 thoughts on “Why hello beautiful being.

  1. Nice job on this blog–it looks great! I know you don’t know me, but I used to work with Sheridan and saw this when she shared it through fb. Keep the posts coming…the world can always use this kind of advice.

    • Thanks for read brad! Did you work at Specialty’s?? I used to work right across the street from there and would visit Sheridan like every day! Maybe we’ve crossed paths 🙂

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